David Blackett


David is a Director at Blackett Maguire + Goldsmith – a leading Building Code of Australia (BCA) consultancy and building certification firm based in Sydney. David is an A1 (unrestricted) accredited building certifier in NSW, ACT and QLD, and has over 28 years’ experience providing BCA compliance advice for all development types. 

David’s extensive knowledge of building legislation across all classifications allows him to provide a first-class consultancy service. He prides himself on helping clients create cost-effective developments, which incorporate innovative and value-engineered design options, outside of traditional prescribed building regulations.

David’s diverse experience is complemented by his ability to think outside the square. He enjoys reviewing new products and systems, and he has expert knowledge of specialised building classifications. This allows him to formulate unique solutions to complex compliance issues.

David is on the Board of Directors for the NSW Association of Accredited Certifiers (AAC). He is a member of both the Australian Institute of Building Surveyors and the Planning Institute of Australia. He also sits on multiple technical advisory committees, including the Health Infrastructure Panel of Expert Consultants (NSW and ACT). David holds a Graduate Diploma in Building Surveying and an Associate Diploma in Applied Science (Health and Building).

Presentation Overview

The design and construction industry are forever changing in the pursuit of more time and cost-effective materials, systems and ideas.

The introduction and evolution of off-site manufacturing of construction models and systems over more recent years has seen many benefits, challenges and lessons leant in the wider industry.
To focus in on one specific, yet integral part of the wider industry, being building code compliance and certification, opens up a whole separate discussion on pros, cons and lessons-learnt with the use of off-site manufacturing options for the design and construction of today’s buildings.

David’s presentation will provide a high-level overview on the advantages, disadvantages and challenges experienced in the building code compliance and certification arena when it comes to the use of off-site manufacturing.

The presentation will attempt to identify matters and situations that project teams and clients may give due consideration to for their future off-site construction developments. 

If we, as a holistic industry, can continue to identify and work through the challenges surrounding off-site manufacturing that are currently experienced in the compliance and certification sectors, then we will collectively move closer to a future where off-site manufacturing will no doubt, become a preferred design and construction solution for tomorrows projects.